Mach irgendwas – es zählt!

21. Februar 2011

„It’s a beautiful garden. It’s the place where all your projects, hopes, possibilities, things that might happen and gwishes are growing.

But there are way more things growing in this space than you could ever possibly tend to.

Sometimes it seems like there isn’t any point in taking care of any of these flowers, when taking care of one means abandoning all the others.“

(Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self: Fractal Flowers, 17.2.2011)


Wie gut ich das kenne: Wenn Du jetzt das und das machst, bleibt dies und jenes liegen.

Ich sehe nicht mehr, was ich geschafft habe, sondern nur noch, was liegengeblieben ist.

Aber Havi macht Hoffnung:

„Every time you lovingly, intentionally do one caring thing for one flower, something about that act and the process is secretly working to nurture and support the other ones.

Or you know what? Even when you do a sloppy, half-assed thing to care for one flower. Still counts.

(Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self: Fractal Flowers, 17.2.2011)

Es stimmt, aber ich erinnere mich zu selten daran: Irgendetwas zu tun ist hundert Fantastilliarden besser als nichts zu tun.

„One thing at a time.

Each thing activating, untangling, supporting and helping all the other things.

Even if I can’t see it or feel it. Even if it’s underground.

I’m going to let the fractal flowers do the real work, and I will do what I can, in the way that I can. Trying to trust that every piece counts.“

(Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self: Fractal Flowers, 17.2.2011)

In diesem Sinne: Eine schöne Woche!

Colorful Garden by jdnx (via Flickr)

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